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Goa Vs Gokarna!

Okay you have a long weekend or a few days of holidays and some cash to spare and beaches are your thing. But which beach destination do you hit? A google search for top beaches in India gives you lists put together by many a travel website and invariably the top two slots are occupied by Goa and Gokarna. In some, Goa is at the top and in others it is Gokarna. So thankfully now your choice boils down to these two Gs. Now to pick one of these two is still a hard task for both Gokarna and Goa have their own magnetic pull and the stronger pull perhaps will depend on your personality and preferences. But here are a few pointers to help you with that tough choice

1. Crowded vs Uncrowded

While Goa has been a Portuguese colony for centuries and has been one of the main ports through which trade happened in ancient and medieval times, Gokarna has been a relatively lesser known small town down the coastal line. Both have transformed over the years to become hippie destinations. But Goa’s popularity as a tourist haven precedes Gokarna’s and so it’s beaches therefore are more populous and crowded. Gokarna is fast catching up but for now it’s beaches are relatively unsullied by tourism. So if you are looking for peace and quiet, far from the maddening crowds, then cast your vote for Gokarna or if you enjoy the din and tend to pick energy from the crowds then it is Goa

goa or gokarna. which is better?

2. Luxury vs Economy

Goa’s tourism industry is so well-developed over the years that it reigns as one of the most sought after tourist location in India by tourists from India as well as other countries. So there are a range of options to choose from when it comes to accommodation and other facilities. Goa boasts of ITC, Taj and other luxury boutique hotels of the 5 star category. Gokarna is still Goa in the making, though there are a lot of new resorts that have come up in the town that offers visitors top of the class facilities, of course they can’t match up to the Taj. But the other side of the coin is that Gokarna is easy on the pockets. You can have as much fun as in a Goan holiday at Gokarna at half the cost.

Is Gokarna beach better than the beaches of Goa?

3. Modern Vs Traditional

The choice of Goa vs Gokarna is in essence a choice between modern and traditional, between Cruises and Catamarans between Pubs and Discos and more sober beach bonfire parties. Gokarna is a temple town with a strong current of tradition running through it’s veins. From the very buildings with their thatched roofs and centuries old temples to the tales and traditions that is still alive in it’s people, Gokarna is a feast for someone who truly wants to experience the essence of Indian culture. Goa on the other hand maybe due to it’s colonial past, or it’s status as the state with the highest GDP, has a modern and cosmopolitan outlook in all it’s facets. If it is just fun you are looking for then may be Goa may 2 be the more glam cousin of the two but Gokarna’s allure lies in it’s old world charm.

Why Gokarna could be a better option than Goa

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