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Night life in Gokarna

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

“We like to sleep all day and party all night This is how we like to live our life’’

This first line of a popular song in 2010 by American artist Sean Kingsley captures what today’s youngsters want, if not on all days, at least on holidays. Staying awake, partying the night away and looking for a hangover remedy in the morning is the unwritten rule for weekend getaways and away-from-home-parties. So one factor to be considered while choosing a holiday location, apart from the visual beauty and attributes of the place is the vibrancy of nightlife there. So what does Gokarna offer to the millennial night owls? It’s true that you can’t expect in Gokarna, the Neon-lit insomnia that pervades it’s glitzy cousins Goa and Mumbai whose nightclubs, fancy pubs and discos are open through the night. Gokarna with it’s temple town tag is by comparison a little sober but definitely not boring! The nightlife here shuns the noise and the crass for a classy, old-fashioned brand of fun.

The sea-side resorts and hotels have bars attached to them and getting the beer flowing as conversations get more animated post the midnight hour is not a big deal. Most resorts arrange bonfires on the beach and a random visitor who can strum a string, gets a party going with some light-hearted music and whole-hearted singing. You can join in the fun, tap your toes, and use the sand dance floor to show how well you can groove when you have downed a pint or two!

Then on a moonlit night you can stroll lazily across the sand on the beach, count the stars and feel the chill breeze of the sea hit your face and spirit with excitement even as your tired legs are screaming for rest. Who needs the artificial harsh glow of blue and green when you have the natural red of the fire and the soft silver of the moon for perfect lighting?

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