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How to reach Gokarna?

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

What if i tell you I can show you the way to Paradise? No, don’t give me that nasty look. I have not turned a Saint or Godman overnight. I am still very much the simple Nature freak and foodie! But seriously, tell me - pristine uncrowded beaches, forest trails with rivers running amidst them, luscious green fields, quaint villages lined by thatched roof houses and temples, fun- loving hippie tourists from all over the world, bonfire beach parties and banana boat rides and most of all spicy and fresh sea-food available in plenty - if that doesn’t read like a description of a restful paradise, what else will? Maybe that’s why many of the restaurants and even one of the beaches in Gokarna have ‘Paradise’ in their names. The bewitching beauty and timestopping trait of this town in the west coast of India place will make you forget the stress and worries of the busy world. So why wait to knock on Paradise’s doors when you can have a taste of it right here on earth? Plan a trip and pack your bags to Gokarna straight away.

how to reach gokarna

Here is the how you get to this paradise on earth.

By Road

Gokarna is well-connected by roads to cities nearby like Goa, Madgoan (125 km) and Dabolim(140 km) if you are travelling from the north of India and Mangalore, Bangalore and Kochi if you are travelling from the South. A host of luxury, semi-luxury and budget buses provide travel services to and from Gokarna to these cities as well as from big cities like Delhi and Mumbai. From Bangalore, there are 1-4 buses operating daily on most days.

But if you want to avoid a bouncy ride in the sleeper bus, taxis are a more convenient albeit costlier option. National highway 17 (Kochi Goa Panvel Highway)is about 9 km from the town. The Bangalore - Goa highway passes through Ankola which is 20 km from the town. There is a regular NWKRTC bus service between Gokarna and Ankola every half an hour or so.The adjacent town of Kumta is well-connected toother cities in the state like Mangalore. So taking a bus to Kumta and then hopping on a taxi to Gokarna is a good option too.

But for an avid biker with a quest for adventure coursing through his/her veins, hitting the highways with a gang of bikers and enjoying the picturesque roads cutting through the fields and rivers of coastal Karnataka is an unforgettable experience.

By Rail

Ankola (20km) is the nearest railway station for most trains but certain trains like the Matsyagandha Express halt at Gokarna road station which is only 8kms from the town of Gokarna. However, being a small station, Gokarna road station is not connected with the major cities.

You can alight or board the trains at Kumta (35 kms) or Ankola and take a taxi or a bus to reach the final destination from outside the railway station. The konkan railway passes through Gokarna and it is also connected by rail to Karwar, Hubli , Mangalore and Margao.

By Air

Nearest airport to Gokarna is Dabolim airport in Goa which is about 106 kms away from Gokarna. Dabolim airport is connected with all the major cities of India and as well as from few foreign countries. The next nearest airport is Hubli Airport which is about 140 kms away from Gokarna.

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