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Six things to do on a Romantic Holiday at Gokarna!

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

One reason a beach escapade is universally sought after is for the ideal setting it provides for romance. A beach romance has always caught the fancy of artists film-directors novelists and every other person. Silhouettes of an impassioned couple, in the background of an endless stretch of sand and sea, lit by the amber glow of a rising or setting sun - does any other sight spell romance as beautifully as this? The gentle murmur of the sea and the caresses of the breeze never fail to inspire an intimate connection between hearts that love.

When the name of the game is love, the golden, secluded beaches of Kumta and Gokarna score higher than the crowded beaches of neighbouring Goa or Mangalore. If you are a honeymooning couple or just looking to re-kindle the romance with your partner, here are 5 things you can do in Gokarna that will cement your bond with the strength of Fevibond.

Gokarna Beach

1. Beach strolls!

Dawn or dusk, mid-day or night, walk on the beach sands while holding hands, laughing, sharing, playing like little kids while the sea plays a mesmerising background score. You will get high on dopamine assuredly and naturally!

2. Camping under the stars

Resorts in Gokarna and Kumta offer the experience of camping right next to the sea in tents and shacks. Cozy up to each other in one of them and hit the heights of bliss.

3. Book a Couple Spa

There are resorts and private spas in Gokarna offering rejuvenating spa treatments for couples. Booking one of these will not only relax your muscles and mind but also send the sparks flying!

4. Candle- lit dinner

Some of the resorts and restaurants in Gokarna offer you an unparalleled romantic experience - A spectacular sea view + sumptuous sea food+ soothing music of the waves + soft glow of candle irradiating the face and hair of your lover. What more can a couple in love ask for ?

snorkeling in gokarna

5. Snorkeling excursions

Gliding gently in the cool blue waters and enjoying the titillating view of underwater fishes and corals while holding the hands of your beloved - live out the ultimate romantic dream in Gokarna’s Om beach.

6. Shake your legs together on the dance floor

Bars in Gokarna may not have glitzy dance floors like Pubs in Goa have but some resorts organise exciting parties and bonfires in the beach in the evenings. Whether the music is from ‘amateur musician’ guests strumming to their hearts’ content, or professional artists performing live or just cds players blasting away with lively numbers, go own that sandy dance floor with your partner. Or if you are one of those ‘fitness freak’ couples, you can sync your yoga poses with each other and quicken your heartbeats just as easily

All said and done, we can never chart a course for Cupid and limit his ways to a number, can we? There are innumerable tricks up his sleeve to surprise and delight you in this romantic paradise.

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