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New year at Gokarna!

Of all the occasions that we have to celebrate, the New Year is special, because it is a time of hope for all. It transcends differences in class, religion, nationalities and customs. On new year’s eve everyone of us has a reason to be hopeful and joyous, to put back the failures and disappointments of the past and go forward with new resolutions and excitement. So however bad or good the previous year was, we always wish to welcome the new one with a note of positivity and cheer. So we stay awake and wait eagerly for the midnight countdown to begin. For youngsters, the New year is mostly synonymous with parties and bashes that have exciting music, dance, booze and lights and crackers. City dwellers go to Pubs and hotels for such party fun. But year on year at the same place with the same routine can get quite boring. So this year for a new year party with a difference, head to Gokarna!

New Year In Gokarna
New Year Party

So what is different and how different is New year in Gokarna? Many adventure clubs and resorts in the city organise a 2 day Festival format celebration in Gokarna that has adventure, fun, live music and dance packed into it.

But what really gives Gokarna’s party scene that marked flavour is the open sky and the smell and sound of sea that somehow convinces you that the chilly night here has a breath of it’s own.

Most New year parties are organised outdoors near the beach with the natural lights of bonfires and live music. At the stroke of midnight, there are fireworks and you can light lanterns and let your hope and

resolutions soar up along with the lights for a magical experience. The moonlight glistening on the surface of the sea makes it the perfect background for such a beautiful night. Pass the cheer and the beer as you chill out and have fun. The conversations, dance, music and food keep you awake till the wee hours of the morning when you have the choice of trudging back to your rooms or just stay to watch the sun rise over the watery horizon.

With such a sight to start the new year with, I am sure you will be powered and charged with positivity to face all the challenges that the new year brings you and grow into the person you have always wanted to be. So kickstart the new year at Gokarna with Mother Nature by your side fondly smiling over you and your entire year will definitely be as fabulous as the start.

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