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A Backpacker’s Boon - 5 Adrenal pumping things to do at Gokarna

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

For some, travel is a pause from life and for some others it’s a part of life but for a passionate few, travel is life itself! Travel brings us exciting experiences and thrilling adventures, but most importantly it brings us valuable learnings both about others and ourselves. The adrenaline rush is reason enough but Jaime Beatty points out the real reason why many of us readily jump at a chance to pack the backpack and set out on an adventurous trip. He declares “Jobs fill your pocket but Adventures fill your soul!” 

If you are one such adventure-seeker who always keeps eyes and ears open for soul filling adventures, look no further than a holiday in Gokarna, on Karnataka’s Nothern coast. A town that has idyllic beaches, stunning landscapes, 4th century temples alongside a hippie culture and a fair share of nocturnal hangouts, Gokarna and the nearby Kumta is a backpacker’s delight! Here are some things you can do in Gokarna that will leave you with unfading memories, insta-ready pictures, elated moods, better-toned muscles and more pleasingly, only a slightly lighter wallet/ purse!

1.Get Sporty in the Waters


The white frothy surfs breaking the azure waters at OM Beach cast their riveting spell not only on the reflective recluse seeking peace but also on the gleefully noisy water sport enthusiast. In the peak season, clubs in OM beach offer lessons in Surfing. You can also try parasailing, snorkeling, jet skiing, kayaking and banana Boat rides at Om beach for more of hair-rising moments.

things to do in gokarna

2.Trek the Picturesque Trail from Gokarna to Kumta

One singular attraction of Gokarna in comparison to other beach getaways in the subcontinent is the spectacular trekking trail along it’s jagged coastline. What makes this 20 Km trail unlike any other beach trail is the experience of laboriously climbing up hilly terrains, trudging through lush forests and fording streams by foot while the Arabian sea plays the soft background score with its relentless waves. The incredible views of the sea from the hilltops, the soothing sound of the sea and the salty sea breeze on your skin and tongue strike awe in the soul through all five senses.  

3. Night walk in Nirvana Beach!

Nirvana beach in Kumta is one of those rare beaches in India where you can observe Bioluminescence. Phytoplanktons in the seawater glow softly in the moonlight giving the water an electric blue glimmer. On a still, star- studded night the iridescent waters and the mellifluous music of the waves make for a surreal experience that will be indelibly imprinted in your memory for a lifetime!

Gokarna Activities

4.Fishing at Om Beach

Another fun activity to try out in Gokarna is to join a fishing expedition with the locals. You can also rent fishing equipment and drop the hook line and sinker on your own. The thrill of catching live fish from the sea is as real for an adult adventurer as for a 10 year old catching his first fish in a pond. Local fishermen also offer Dolphin spotting boat trips into the sea. Who wouldn’t want to watch that delightful sight of dolphins diving, up close?

Activities In Gokarna

5. Get Charged by the Cascades

At a two hour driving distance from Gokarna is the magnificent Jog falls which an avid adventurist cannot afford to miss! Jog falls at 253 metres is India’s second highest waterfall. There are four smaller cascades that join course to give Jog falls it’s thunderous flow. Monsoon is the best time to visit the falls if you want to see it in all it’s tumultuous glory. The setting of verdant slopes and rocky hills that this silvery jewel is placed in, makes it a precious, never to-forget sight. A dip in the plunge pool of Shravathi at the base of the falls will have a re-invigorating effect that several hundreds spent in a city swimming pool cannot give you. You can also climb over to the Watkin’s point for an entrancing view of the falls. If you are bothered by the distance to Jog falls and still crave the waterfall experience then try the closer Vibhooti falls that is just an hour’s drive away from Gokarna.

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