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Glamping at Gokarna!

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

If you are an avid traveller, then you must keep up with the trends that crop up in the world of travel. One buzzword in the hospitality and travel industry that has been doing the rounds all over the world in the past decade and attracting a lot of takers is GLAMPING - A mash-up of glamour and camping!

tent camping in gokarna

Well, if you are still stumped with the new coinage, let me assure you that it’s just a new marriage of old ideas. Camping is definitely not new and especially for the adventure seeker and nature lover it has been an all-time favorite way to explore the world. Staying in tents and tree houses, so close to Mother Nature that you can hear her heartbeat, like right in the thick of the forest, atop a mountain or by the beach or riverbank can be an unforgettably exciting experience. But on the flip side, comfortable beds, pleasant smelling toiletries, good food, 24 hour assistance, plush bathrooms, televisions and WiFi (just in case you need to catch up on news!)-these are some of the comforts you have to miss if you choose camps over hotels.

So, what do you want your holiday to be - an exciting but exhausting spell of roughing it out in the wild or a restful care-free break with every comfort provided? Not an easy pick at all! The choice becomes more tough when kids are part of the equation. But wait… What if you didn’t have to choose and can have the best of both worlds? That's what Glamping is all about. You can have those luxuries even while staying in a tent or tree-house. Tents that offer you comfortable beds, spacious bathrooms, good food are an affordable reality now.

While Glamping is already popular in the West, it is fast catching up in India and quite a few resorts that offer the glamping experience have mushroomed across the country in all type of settings - snow clad mountains of Kashmir, the desert landscapes of Rajasthan, forests of Madhya Pradesh, farms of Punjab, beaches of Goa and hills of Kerala. But if you are looking for a low cost but high fun place to glamp, the hippie heaven of Gokarna, an all-in-one destination with it’s secluded beaches, forests, farms, hills, rivers and waterfalls can be one of the most ideal locations in the country.

For singles and backpackers, camping close to the sea at Paradise beach and Om beach in tents or rented shacks with no electricity and just a sleeping bag maybe a good idea.

tent camping gokarna
Gokarna Beach Stay

But for families, especially those with kids, some amenities are not luxuries but necessities. For that set of tourists, who form the biggest slice of the ‘vacationers’ pie, some Gokarna resorts offer the chance to stay in tents that are as comfortable as concrete rooms.

So what are you waiting for? Go for a Glamping holiday at Gokarna!

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