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The Best Time to Visit Gokarna

There is a time for everything says the Bible and almost all of us would nod our heads to the wisdom of those words. Our Indian culture emphasize on the value of time so we strongly believe in auspiciousness of days and months and hours.

We are careful to choose the right time for every important thing we do. But even if not for what customs or religions teach us, this is just plain common sense. Which of us wouldn't wait for the most opportune time for proposing to our girl friend or boy friend? We would definitely, wouldn’t we? In the anxiety to find the right moment, we even end up waiting too long.

Choosing to go on a holiday is no different and no less important. We have to pick the right time if we need to make the most of a holiday because certain times and seasons bring out the best of a place. So now the question arises what is the best time of the year to visit Gokarna?

The Climate Factor

The simple answer would be from October to March when the beach is not too hot and sultry to hang out during the day as it is during the thick of summer from April to June or too wet and messy to step out and have fun during the monsoon from July to September. Moreover during these unfavorable times, the tourist inflow slows to a trickle and so the restaurants and resorts don’t put their best foot forward. Choices of food and other facilities will be limited. You can’t trek the beach and the forest trails in the monsoon nor enjoy the water sports that the beaches offer in winter and spring. So during off-season, the fun-quotient in Gokarna gets reduced by half.

In winter and spring on the other hand, Gokarna is as pleasant as Paradise with temperatures ranging from 17 to 32 degrees Celsius. The country side is verdant after the monsoon rains and the beaches make just the right setting for fun and frolic. During the day the Sun doesn't scorch you with it’s heat but gently warms your feet, and the spicy sea food and bonfire adds the zing to a breezy winter evening.

The Festival Factor

Apart from the climate another factor to consider while timing your visit to Gokarna are the Festivals. There is the most special Shivarathri festival when the town is thronging with people and buzzing with

excitement and piety. The main temple and all the others temples too are adorned and prepared to be at their glorious best.

The Shivarathri festival mostly happens in February or March so mark your calendars

and make it to Gokarna for an experience of a lifetime. The next exciting time to be at Gokarna is during the new year when the beach resorts organise new year parties that are as much fun as the ones in Goa. Well, it is not without reason that Gokarna is called the new Goa. Though there is a downside to the face-changing commercialisation that is slowly colouring Gokarna in more vibrant shades, we must say that some changes are inevitable and enjoyable.

The New year parties are one such a thing. Sometimes on the offer are music or lantern festivals that start 2 days before the New year's eve and include lantern shows, dances around bonfires on the beach, trekking and other adventures. These new year celebrations that come as a package will give your New year a truly fabulous start!

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